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OutsideTheBox will help you redefine the way you foster your employees and help you create unconventional People Solutions that  facilitate change and optimize employee performance, productivity and wellbeing.



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Addressing the Topic

Having the right tools to create awareness on how to build and foster an equitable workplace.

Outsidethebox provides tailored trainings and workshops that are targeted specifically towards Leadership, People & Culture Teams and employees.

Starting off on the right foot

We offer a set of online trainings customised for onboarding of new employees. Weather you are looking for a general training or leadership focused content on DEI, we can help!

Leading by example

Looking for ways to help closing the gap? We can help you create accelerator programs that support underrepresented groups inside or outside your organisation.

If you don't know where to start, our diversity meter can help you understand where you stand as an employer and how to create inclusive frameworks that can help you on your way to becoming a better and more inclusive employer.

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