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Sometimes things get messy!

Your product is awesome, you know what you stand for and how you will change the game by helping your customers/others do better. In order to put yourself out there and expand your dreams, you will need to grow, get more visibility, step up on will need people!


Yes, not just people but talent, pioneers, thinkers, dreamers and doers, the type of people that will help you succeed, the cherry to your top.

As technology evolves and possibilities become endless, more companies start emerging from the ground, with innovative products and ideas that change and evolve so fast, that things can get messy.

  1. Hiring 100 people in 5 months, because we need to invest. No plan, no resources, let's do it!

  2. Getting through the list of 150 projects, because everything is important

  3. Figuring out who we are and what we stand for in the beauty of chaos

  4. Expanding internationally....somewhere

  5. Defining a culture, while trying to professionalize, while still having fun at work and getting stuff done

  6. Dealing with the complexity of people and what's important to them: Development, Performance, Feedback, Personal growth, Purpose, Recognition, Flexibility, well Life...

If you have ever worked at a technology start up or scale up, or any other growing business for that matter, you will surely recognize most of these bullet points.

It is messy before it is not and it brings a sea of learning opportunities but does it have to be so complicated?

This is a question, I will be answering, in a series of blogs focused on people, talent and culture matters that I, and some of you (I am certain) have experienced in the ever changing world of people, technology and growth.

Stay tuned.

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